Montenegro's Hidden Coastal Gems: All you need to know about Perast's Islets

Remember the days when a beach vacation meant peace and quiet? Long gone are those days for many popular tourist destinations. Instead, you might find yourself battling crowds, dodging selfie sticks, and struggling to find a spot to relax.

But what if there was another way? Imagine gently sailing along a breathtaking coastline, turquoise water lapping at the shore. You come across a hidden cove, a secluded beach accessible only by boat. This is the magic of Go Sail Montenegro.


Firstly, the Gulets:

The stunning landscapes and unique atmosphere of Montenegro’s coastline and the Bay of Kotor are meant to be seen by boat, and not just any boat, the Gulet. Gulets are small, traditional wooden boats that can navigate narrow passages, allowing access to secluded coves and hidden beaches, out of reach to larger vessels. This allows travellers to explore remote areas and escape the crowds often found in popular tourist spots. Not to mention, Gulets are designed for comfort, with spacious decks for sunbathing, alfresco dining areas, cozy cabins with 24/7 air conditioning, and a well-stocked bar so your drinks never run dry.

Gulet Sadri Usta Go Sail Montenegro

Highlights of the route:

The two routes on offer are completely unique to our Gulets, as mentioned above, the Gulets can reach areas that most boats in Montenegro cannot, and our routes certainly take advantage of this, with swim stops in remote locations, giving lunchtime views like no other!

The two routes on offer are completely unique to our Gulets, as mentioned above, the Gulets can reach areas that most boats in Montenegro cannot, and our routes certainly take advantage of this, with swim stops in remote locations, giving lunchtime views like no other!

Meaning of the Word Montenegro

While sailing the azure waters off Budva, you might be struck by the sight of Mount Lovćen rising majestically in the distance. This mountain range, once covered in dense evergreen forests, is the very reason Montenegro’s name translates to “Black Mountain.” The name originates from the Venetian interpretation (“Monte Negro”) of the Slavic term “Crna Gora,” a fitting description for the land’s dramatic, dark-hued peaks that provided a natural fortress throughout its history.

Porto montenegro

– Where it all starts. This iconic port is a spectacle in itself. Often called the Monaco of the Balkans, this port boasts high end facilities, luxury resorts and a bustling nightlife. After an expertly prepared welcome dinner, you can head into town to explore, or simply relax onboard chatting away to your new shipmates.

As you cruise along the stunning coastline, your first chance to cool off awaits at Bigova, a hidden cove known for its crystal-clear waters. Next, the adventure continues towards Trsteno Bay, where a shallow beach provides the perfect spot for a refreshing swim. Just imagine yourself splashing around in the picturesque turquoise water.


Montenegro’s bustling seaside town, serves as a launching point for sailing adventures. Among the captivating destinations is Sveti Nikola Island, nicknamed “Hawaii” for its turquoise waters and pristine beaches. Those who set sail for Sveti Nikola can immerse themselves in the island’s tranquillity, explore the historic 16th-century Church of St. Nicholas, or discover hidden coves along the coastline – all while enjoying a thrilling sailing experience.

Budva after Dark

Once the sun sets on Budva’s beautiful beaches, the town transforms into a vibrant party scene. Budva is known as Montenegro’s nightlife capital, offering something for everyone. For lively crowds and dancing, head to the bars and clubs along the main strip near Slovenska Plaža beach. If you prefer a more relaxed vibe, explore the charming pubs and cocktail bars tucked away in Budva’s Old Town. No matter your taste, Budva’s nightlife promises an unforgettable evening.

A Stop in Time: Perast

Nestled on a small peninsula facing the dramatic cliffs of Lovćen Mountain, Perast boasts a rich history and captivating beauty.  Explore the town’s charming squares adorned with Venetian palaces and baroque churches or delve into its maritime past at the Perast Museum.  Don’t miss a chance to admire the nearby islets of Our Lady of the Rocks and St. George, both steeped in legend and accessible by short boat trips. Perast offers a delightful escape, allowing you to soak in the town’s timeless charm and unique coastal atmosphere.

Kotor Old Town

This magnificent UNESCO World Heritage Site is encircled by imposing medieval walls. Wander through narrow cobbled streets lined with charming boutiques and historical churches.  Ascend the mighty city walls for breathtaking panoramic views of the Bay of Kotor and the surrounding mountains, including a glimpse of the iconic St. John’s Fortress perched high on the hillside.  This captivating fortress, accessible by a scenic climb or boat trip, offers a deeper dive into Kotor’s rich history and provides even more stunning vistas.  Kotor Old Town offers a captivating blend of history, culture, and stunning scenery, making it a must-see on your Go Sail Montenegro adventure.

Island Hopping on Montenegro's Coast

No matter your chosen Go Sail Montenegro route, prepare to be dazzled by a breathtaking collection of bays. Your journey will also encompass Lustica Bay Marina, a vibrant hub teeming with yachts.  Get ready to dive into the tranquil waters of Mirista Bay, ideal for a refreshing dip. Morinj Bay, with its charming villages and fascinating oyster farms, promises a unique experience.  Finally, history buffs will be delighted by Risan Bay, where remnants of Roman settlements might be revealed.  Every bay on your Go Sail Montenegro adventure offers a captivating glimpse into the diverse beauty and rich history that define Montenegro’s stunning coastline.

Sveti Stefan Island

This privately owned island is the best-known landmark in Montenegro, (and the first image that comes up on a google search!). Visitors used to be able to walk around Sveti Stephan, and enjoy the glorious architecture and gardens first hand, but now owned by a luxury hotel, the island is inaccessible to the general public. Visitors are allowed to walk up to the gates along the walkway between lad and island, but this is as much exploration as you can get really, unless you are on a Go Sail Montenegro Gulet… we will cruise closely around the island, allowing guests to take in the more of the island than most visitors. You can hop off the boat and swim near the island too, or you can grab one of our kayaks and take yourself on a little adventure!

Sveti Marko's Enigmatic Charm

Your Go Sail Montenegro cruise might also take you past Sveti Marko Island, a captivating island shrouded in both mystery and natural beauty.  Once a bustling tourist destination with unique Tahiti-style bungalows, the island is now largely abandoned, its green slopes reclaimed by nature.  Despite its deserted state, Sveti Marko Island retains a certain allure.  Legend whispers of a haven for ancient Greek soldiers, while the island’s historical significance is evident in its alternative name, Stradioti.  Whether you catch a glimpse of its lush vegetation or hear about the whispers of its intriguing past, Sveti Marko Island adds a touch of mystique to your Go Sail Montenegro adventure.

Indulge in Montenegrin Delights

No Go Sail Montenegro adventure is complete without indulging in the delectable flavours of the Mediterranean. Freshly prepared onboard, the meals showcase the region’s culinary bounty. Imagine savouring succulent seafood dishes featuring local catches, perfectly seasoned with fragrant herbs and olive oil. Don’t forget to try local specialties like grilled meats or vegetarian options bursting with fresh, seasonal produce. Each meal, accompanied by breathtaking ocean views, elevates your Go Sail Montenegro experience into a true feast for the senses.

Montenegro Sailing

In conclusion, a Go Sail Montenegro cruise offers an unparalleled way to discover the hidden beauty of Montenegro’s coastline. From secluded coves and charming towns to historic sites and vibrant nightlife, there’s something for everyone on this unforgettable adventure. So, set sail with Go Sail Montenegro and prepare to create memories that will last a lifetime!