Does Montenegro have sandy beaches?

The dramatic mountainous scenery can often distract from Montenegro’s unique coastline, however, with 117 beaches to explore, and each one as beautiful as the next, the beaches of Montenegro are definitely worth a visit! From white, sandy stretches of beach in Budva, pebbled paradise in Kotor, and oceanic stretches of beach in Ulcinj, the pristine weather and crystal-clear water will lull you into a sense of serenity.

Here are 5 of Montenegro’s best sandy beaches:

1. Lucice Beach

Surrounded by pine trees found in one of the prettiest bays in Montenegro, Lucice beach has attracted tourists for decades, perfect for anyone seeking a secluded, quiet beach to relax on the warm sand, or paddle about in the calm water of the bay. Remember to bring your snorkelling gear to explore the underwater world in front of you, not to mention there is a waterslide at the far end of the beach, so keeping the kids occupied is not a problem!

2. Mogren Beach

An inviting stretch along the Budva Riviera, Mogren beach has two separate beaches, connected by a cave-like tunnel! The whole beach is just over four hundred meters long and is totally worth walking the extra steps to the second beach. Contrary to the busy Budva town, Mogren beach remains pleasantly peaceful, and doesn’t get too crowded even in peak season. With plenty of snack bars and sun loungers, you can easily spend all day relaxing and exploring the golden stretch of coastline. If you are feeling adventurous, at the end of Mogren’s second beach, is Shark Rock Cliff, a popular jumping/diving spot for daring locals and tourists alike. Make sure you only jump from the spot marked X, to avoid injury!

3. Jaz Beach

Further along the Riviera from Mogren, you will stumble upon the popular Jaz Beach. With the classic cliffs sheltering this beach from behind, enjoy a cocktail at the many beach bars, resorts, and restaurants scattered along the foot of the mountains. Slightly more crowded than Mogren, however the silky sand and bright blue water, contrast against the deep grey of the mountains, it is no wonder tourists flock to Jaz Beach!

4. Plavi Horizonti Beach

Often described as Montenegro’s prettiest beach, Plavi Horizonte is a 300m stretch of fine sand, and shallow calm water, perfect for kids. It is located just north of Bigova, facing the Adriatic Sea. Plenty of sunbeds and umbrellas to set up camp for the day, and spend your time snorkelling, paddling, or sipping cocktails whilst getting a tan!

5. Dobrec Beach

Only accessible by boat, this small, exclusive beach is a hidden gem worth finding! Not exactly sandy, but definitely worth a mention as the beauty of this secluded strip of coast is beyond comprehension. With an intimate atmosphere, romance is definitely in the air, the perfect place to spend quality time with your better half!

Whether you seek a lively scene with beach bars and water sports, a tranquil escape for ultimate relaxation, or a hidden gem accessible only by boat, Montenegro’s coastline has something to offer. So, pack your swimsuit, sunscreen, and sense of adventure, and discover the beauty of Montenegro’s beaches!