Is Montenegro a Safe Country?

Nestling in the heart of the Balkans, Montenegro is a small but picturesque country. It has enchanted visitors with its stunning landscapes and historic charm for centuries. However, this tiny nation isn’t widely recognized outside of Europe as a popular tourist destination. This leaves many potential visitors curious about its safety.

Global Peace Index

Although no destination is entirely immune to unexpected incidents, Montenegro ensures a memorable and safe experience for everyone through its commitment to safety and hospitality.

In recent years, Montenegro has significantly enhanced its safety measures, leading to a decline in crime rates. According to the esteemed Global Peace Index, Montenegro ranks as the 45th safest country in the world among 163 nations evaluated. This impressive ranking surpasses destinations such as France, the USA, South Africa, and Greece. This acknowledgment emphasizes Montenegro’s dedication to taking care of its people and visitors alike.

For travelers, Montenegro provides a sanctuary of security and tranquility. While some typical concerns might arise in any popular tourist destination, there’s generally no need to be overly cautious. Many travelers report feeling secure during their time in Montenegro, often describing it as the perfect place for a stress-free getaway.

Montenegrin locals are known for their friendliness, making it a welcoming destination for solo travellers too, regardless of gender. Many locals, especially in tourist hotspots, have a good knowledge of English, which makes communication easier for visitors.

However, just like anywhere else you might travel, it’s important to stay alert. Tourists should be aware of common issues like beggars, pickpockets, and scams, especially when there are lots of other tourists around. By being cautious and aware, visitors can reduce any risks and truly enjoy all the beauty Montenegro has to offer.